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  Business Valuations


Global Wine Partners is uniquely qualified to provide wine business valuations and related advisory services. GWP's credentials come from experience with hundreds of wine business valuations done for the largest to the smallest companies in the wine industry.

GWP combines industry knowledge, sophisticated analytical techniques, an unparalleled database of accurate transaction history and extensive merger and acquisition experience to provide a unique, market-based perspective to its wine business valuations. The result is the most respected valuation analysis in the wine industry.

Valuation Purpose

Wine companies require independent valuations for a variety of reasons: to buy, sell, merge; or acquire a business; redeem owners' interests; determine tax liabilities; assess collateral values; design buy/sell agreements and equity incentives; and to reorganize family-owned businesses.

A valuation can be of a complete business enterprise, of controlling or minority interests, or of certain company assets, such as individual brands, contracts, non-compete agreements, covenants, license agreements and other specialized intellectual property valuations.

The capability to understand and determine the value of a wine company and its assets is a core part of the firm's services and has been since its founding. Professional skills are combined with real-world experience to objectively measure value in today's market.