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  M & A Process
Successfully completing a wine business transaction that meets or exceeds the goals of the parties is a complex and time-consuming process. The business of wine is absolutely unique. The transaction market is extremely inefficient. Obtaining optimum results requires the assistance of experienced professionals, skilled in investment banking, who know wine transactions, understand the wine market and are well-connected in the wine industry. The bankers at Global Wine Partners have the proven track record, resources and expertise to successfully plan, manage and maximize results.

  • Planning
  • Analyze how best to maximize value
  • Prepare the company and people involved
  • Prepare all materials
  • Identify best prospects
  • Blind solicitation
  • Sign confidentiality agreements
  • Make presentations and qualify prospects
  • Initial negotiations
  • Select finalists
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Auction process and/or negotiations
  • Negotiate terms and draft documents
  • Coordinate diligence
  • Funding and closing

All assignments begin with a careful understanding of the sellers' goals, timetable and all owner and stakeholder considerations.

Successful transactions generally require substantial preparation and analysis prior to approaching buyers or considering unsolicited offers. This includes fully evaluating and preparing the company to maximize its results.

Marketing is an art form that starts with determining the current state of the market for the specific transaction being offered - all while protecting the company identity and reserving all options for the owners.

Once a number of prospective buyers have been identified and their level of interest established, the owner is in a position to determine the most productive sales process. This may consist of exclusive or multi-lateral negotiations, a structured auction, or a variation of these techniques.