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What Will Your Wine Company Sell For? (Part 2)


The real-world drivers of value in a transaction relate to the intersection of a seller’s brand attributes (growth, profitability, product category, etc.) and the needs of the buyer. Any one or more “multiple” of financial performance will not determine a price.

Carol Collison on the EBITDA multiple • May 2017

Sell-side Financial Services

We help wine businesses sell brands, assets & acreage

For over 35 years, Global Wine Partners has advised wine businesses through all facets of the transaction process. Our experience spans hundreds of companies, from marquee brands & corporate goliaths to the owners of privately-held wine businesses and family-owned estates across the globe.

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Additional Services

Valuation, Litigation & Finance

GWP provides a wide range of strategic & financial services to the wine industry based on decades of experience in consulting, accounting, and banking. We provide buy-side advice to new and established investors in wineries & vineyards.

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